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Six Sigma and Lean can help you to solve problems.  However by using tools like SPC and FMEA you can detect and fix problems before they become disasters. This will improve your  customer satisfaction and show the customer that you have the skills in place to deliver for them time and time again.

If you are new to Six Sigma and want one book to guide you then I would reccommend 
Six Sigma and Minitab by Quentin Brook
Even if you don't have a copy of Minitab for the calculations you'll find the process and tools are clearly explained .
Click here to see this book on Amazon

Datalayzer International is a leading provider of SPC software for deployment in manufacturing and services.  It is used by all sizes of business,
from small precision workshops to multinationals, from food and drink to hi tech.
Current users include Coca Cola,Kraft foods,Mars AMD,Phillips and Mitsubishi.
However we have moved beyond our SPC package and now have solutions for OEE, FMEA and Gauge Management.  
 If you would like some practical advice on FMEA then a quick look at my site  site  "FMEA Template"  will help.
Click Here for a Guided Tour of Datalyzer.
 We will provide you the software FREE for a trial. Click Here  to go to our website and discover more.
Are you a small company?  Are you a medium sized company that wants to start small?
Click here and learn how Datalyzer is right for you.
To experience Datalyzer in action Click hereand see how the AFA Dispensing Group is using Datalyzer for SPC and OEE.

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