Steve Murphy - Continuous Improvement Expert in Manufacturing
About Myself
I have over 25 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and have held senior positions with some of the major household names including Motorola, Texas Instruments and Digital Equipment. 
I have gone on to use the continuous improvement skills I developed with these companies in areas as diverse as GPS clocks, military aircraft and oil and gas.
My pragmatic approach is supported by training and experience in Six Sigma, Juran manufacturing and project management. I can help you turn phrases like "Six Sigma"and "Lean" into practical skills which  will reduce waste, increase your profit and maximise your customer satisfaction.
My goal is to help you increase your profit:not just today, but each and every day.
I am available for Problem Solving, New Product and New Technology introduction, Training and Coaching and Interim Assignments.
Dalgety Bay Business Centre,
 Ridge Way,
  Dalgety Bay,
    Fife KY11 9JN
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