Steve Murphy - Continuous Improvement Expert in Manufacturing
SPC; Statistical Process Control
  SPC uses the natural variation of your process as the norm and then uses statistical techniques to check for any changes in this behavior.  There are many possible reasons for a change in a processes behavior : A new batch of material, a worn tool, a new piece of measuring kit. Don't worry about the maths side, You'll need to grasp a few basic ideas but the software does the hard work for you. 
Gauge Capability
  This methodology  checks out the capability of your gauge and the measuring process. Where is the variation coming from? The gauge? the measurement process?  An essential technique if you want to run effective SPC.Not to be confused with "Resolution" the smallest measurement your gauge can resolve or Accuracy how close your gauge is to the true value.
FMEA; Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  A risk analysis technique used widely  in the automotive and aerospace industries but applicable in any environment. This tool helps you to discover and prioritise potential risks to your product.
NASA claim it was instrumental in the success of the moon landings and I view that as a pretty good recommendation.

Click here to visit "FMEA Template"   a semi light hearted look at my initial experiences in implementing FMEA before I discovered Datalyzer.

OEE; Overall equipment effectiveness
  OEE helps you to look in detail at the losses at each machine. After removing scheduled downtime there are usually three main losses:-
-Unplanned maintenence:  Breakdowns large and small
-Quality losses: Product scrapped at the machine
-Low line speed: The difference between output you would expect from the time the machine is                 actually running and what you actually get.
  OEE monitors these and helps you prioritise and fix the biggest problems.
Click on the logo to see how Datalyzer  can help you to implement these key methods and improve your quality and profitability.

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